Matthew offers a variety of lessons for those interested in the following curriculum:

Contemporary Guitar

(Rock / Blues / Pop)

Classical Guitar

Matthew offers lessons in a variety of styles including baroque, classical and romantic.

Recording / Production

Matthew offers lessons in how to record with digital audio workstations (DAW’s), including Logic Studio and ProTools. Students dive into learning audio-flow, microphones, pre-amplifiers, plug-ins, basic mixing / mastering and how to make recordings.

Composition for TV / Film

Matthew teaches students how to approach songwriting and composition for commercial and television media. Students learn the steppingstones of how to approach writing to image without music, while preparing their own examples.

Teaching Mission Statement

I’m here to guide you to your guitar goals and beyond! Your success will stem from your passion; my job is to help you get the most out of it! My promise is to provide you my knowledge of how to get the most out of your practicing, performing and music education. Whether you’d like to learn a few chords, play Stairway to Heaven, Bach, Radiohead, or learn how to score commercials, work with various microphones or even learn how to re-string and properly tune your guitar… I want you to have the best, fruitful, fun, and productive learning experience.



Students are required to provide and purchase their own guitar, books and materials. For those interested in recording, production and composition for TV / Film, students are required to provide their own laptop computer with a DAW of their choice. Don’t let this intimidate you! DAWs can be inexpensive and I’m more than happy to guide you through your budget and shopping experience.


My expectations are for you to have a true interest in the instrument with strong desire to learn. I’m not here to judge, I’m here for you and to give my guidance so you hit your goals. Learning guitar is like a language… it takes practice!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted with a very strict 6-hour warning, outside of a serious family or health related emergency. I respect your time and schedule as my student and I expect the same in return! With my performance, travel and writing schedule, the timing and lack of tardiness of my students is very important. I choose the right to work with the students I choose, especially as I welcome you into my home.


Office Pricing:

My office, located in the Southeast

30 minute lesson: $25

60 minute lesson: $45

90 minute lesson: $60 With 5 minute break at halfway point

Travel Pricing:

I travel to you anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley

30 minute lesson: $40

60 minute lesson: $70

90 minute lesson: $90 With 5 minute break at halfway point


Payment can be made per lesson, or in advance by week, or by month.
Sometimes it can be a pain writing a new check for every lesson, every week. If lessons are canceled before the 24 hour window, payment for that lesson is pushed to the next session.

Cash, Check or Credit Card is accepted (w/ 5% fee).
If your check bounces, I do charge a $12 fee, as that’s what Wells Fargo charges for bounced checks.

Teachers Note

I am very excited to work with you! I’m passionate about the well-being and growth of music quality and the advancements of the arts. Nothing is better than seeing the growth of my students and their excitement as they continue to advance their skills. I’ve worked with a lot of teachers, both good and bad , learning the best and worst habits from them all. My hope is to develop a professional and productive learning experience with you.

Let’s rock!