Do you offer Skype Lessons?

Yes! Pricing for Skype lessons is the same as in-home lessons.

What happens when we schedule our first lesson?

First off, thanks for considering me to be your teacher. I will send you a welcome sheet that will ask you questions regarding your experience, goals, favorite artists and what you expect to get out of your single, mid-term, or long-term lessons. I want you to get the absolute most out your guitar experience.

Do you help students prepare for college auditions?

Yes! I auditioned for 7 universities / conservatories (and got in them all!). If you’re preparing for auditions, please let me know ahead of time to help prepare you.

Who are your favorite current artists?

My favorite artists currently, range in a variety of genres. I’d have to say my favorites are Radiohead, Tame Impala, Father John Misty, Kendrick Lamar, Jeff Buckley and Hiatus Kaiyote. Anyone who pushes music in a creative direction, I respect!

How did you get into classical guitar from rock?

I found myself falling in love with Flamenco and Spanish guitar sometime in high school. Something about the passion, speed and intensity of the style drew me in. Once I began to pursue interest in classical, I knew there were only so many directions in college once I found my passion.

Have you released any CD’s or albums?

Yes! So far two (and I’m about to release my third). My third album will be my first professionally recorded. I’m happy to fill you in about this in person!

Should I own a nylon guitar for lessons?

While recommended, it’s not totally necessary. If you’re serious about learning, I would push to purchase a nylon classical guitar. It will not be necessary for the beginning, but as time passes and your skills improve, you’ll find it calling your name!

Will you help me find a guitar / materials?

Absolutely! I have a number of materials I’ll recommend to you including finger nail boards, strings, leg-rests, etc…

What are some things I should expect at the beginning?

The main one I’ll name here, is that you’ll be expected to grow your nails on your dominant hand out. Nothing too crazy, however nail care is absolute must for classical guitar.

Can you help recommend gear for me?

Absolutely! This goes for all genres. As a gear and pedal fanatic, I know fantastic gear at fantastic price-points. What you should by knew vs. what you should by used. I’m here to help!

How do lessons for recording / production work?

My goal is to teach you how to be your own audio-engineer, including: how to use a DAW (ex. Logic Pro), how to use interfaces, microphones, levels, the importance of studio monitors, plug-ins (compressors, reverbs, EQ’s) MIDI keyboards, DI instruments, etc… week to week, we will begin instrument and track at a time, to get you feeling comfortable recording and producing your own music.

How do lessons for composition work?

Week to week we will work on the important factors for composing music to film / TV. I will teach you the building blocks in tempo, transitions, how to examine footage, how to distinguish film cuts, etc… We will take real world commercials and we will compose new commercials.

Do you have pets at your home?

No, for those with allergies, please note this to not be a concern.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Please email me at matt@mattsedivy.com with any questions or inquiries.